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The list of the parts is Figurenet Original Inventory. If you could not see the part, which you are looking for, please give us your RFQ. We will do our best to find the part for you. Figurenet is your Cyber agent to find "Difficult-to-find" parts from all over the world.

If you want to know the quantity or more information. Please feel free to give us your RFQ. We are very happy to reply to you.


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HVC362TRF, HVC362TRF, HVC362TRF, HVC363A, HVC363B, HVC368BTRF, HVC369B, HVC369BTRF, HVC369BTRF, HVC369BTRF, HVC369BTRF, HVC369BTRF, HVC372B, HVC372BTRF, HVC374B1TRF, HVC375B1TRF, HVC375BT, HVC375BTRF, HVC375BTRFE, HVC376BTRF, HVC379BTRF, HVC381BTRF, HVC385B3TRF, HVC385BTRF, HVC417C, HVC417CTRU, HVCTF3.5MM2X3C, HVCTF3X3.5SB-, HVCTFS3X0.75SB-, HVCTFS3X1.25, HVD131KRF, HVD131KRF-E, HVD132KRF, HVD133KRF, HVD133KRF-E, HVD138KRF, HVD142AKRF, HVD142KRF, HVD142KRF, HVD142KRF, HVD142KRF, HVD144AKRFE, HVD191KRF-E, HVD191KRFE, HVD191KRFEPBFREE, HVD3100, HVD350BKRF, HVD355B, HVD358BKRF, HVD358BKRF, HVD358BKRF, HVD358BKRF-E, HVD369B, HVD369B6KRFE, HVD369BKRF, HVD369BKRF-E, HVD372B, HVD380BKRF, HVD385B, HVD396CKRF, HVD399CKRF, HVE0215-950020, HVE300A7TRU, HVE306A, HVE355TRF, HVGC100350A, HVK89A, HVK89BTR, HVK89MTR, HVL1/2-3.3M-OHM-J, HVL12-6-5-AC200V, HVL142AKRF, HVL142KRFE, HVL144AKRF, HVL144KRFE, HVL147KRF, HVL355C1KRF, HVL358CKRF-E, HVL358CM, HVL385BKRF, HVL388, HVL396C, HVLED805, HVM100TR, HVM11-TR(T4), HVM11TR, HVM11TR, HVM132TR, HVM132WK, HVM13TR, HVM14S, HVM14S, HVM14S, HVM14SRTL, HVM14SRTL, HVM14SRTL-E, HVM14SRTL-E, HVM14SRTR-SMD, HVM14STL, HVM14STL, HVM14STL, HVM14STR, HVM14STR, HVM14STR, HVM14TR, HVM14TR-E, HVM15TR, HVM1603TL, HVM1603TLC, HVM16TR, HVM17, HVM17-01TL, HVM17-5TL, HVM1701TL, HVM175TL, HVM17WATR, HVM187S, HVM187STL-E, HVM187STL-E, HVM187STL-E, HVM187WK, HVM187WKTL, HVM187WKTR, HVM187WKTRE, HVM2501TRU, HVM2501TRU, HVM27WK1TL, HVM27WK1TL.E, HVN41904, HVN42109, HVN42112, HVN42218, HVN42304, HVN42304, HVNF539360, HVP16, HVR1005TRF, HVR100TRU, HVR1105W-730-RR, HVR1105W730RR, HVR17-1TRF, HVR187TRC, HVR187TRC-SMD, HVR187TRC1, HVR200A3TRF, HVR300TRF, HVR3700001005JR500, HVS0E506NF, HVS6003002, HVT-AS2, HVT54-150S100.0MHZ, HVT54-150S100.0MHZ, HVU-1, HVU12, HVU131, HVU131TRF, HVU131TRF, HVU132TRF, HVU132TRF, HVU132TRF, HVU132TRF, HVU132TRF, HVU133TRF, HVU1341URF, HVU17, HVU171TRF, HVU17TRF, HVU187, HVU187, HVU187TRF, HVU187TRF, HVU187TRF, HVU200A, HVU200ATRU, HVU200ATRU, HVU200ATRU, HVU200ATRU, HVU200ATRU-E, HVU202, HVU20215TRU, HVU202A, HVU202A1TRU, HVU202ATRU, HVU202ATRU, HVU202ATRU, HVU202ATRU, HVU202ATRU-E, HVU202ATRUE, HVU202ATRV, HVU202B, HVU202B1URUE, HVU300A, HVU300A7TRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU, HVU300ATRU-E, HVU300ATRU-E, HVU300ATRU-E-Q, HVU300B, HVU306A, HVU307, HVU307, HVU307TRU, HVU307TRUE, HVU308, HVU3081TRF, HVU308A, HVU314TRU, HVU316, HVU316, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU, HVU316TRU-E, HVU316TRU-E-Q, HVU316TRUE, HVU350, HVU350-TRF, HVU350B, HVU350B, HVU350BTRF, HVU350BTRF-E, HVU350TRF, HVU350TRF, HVU350TRF, HVU350TRF, HVU351, HVU3512TRF, HVU351TRF, HVU352, HVU355, HVU355B, HVU355BTRF, HVU355BTRF, HVU355TRF, HVU355TRF, HVU355TRF, HVU356TRF, HVU357, HVU358, HVU3582TRF, HVU3585ATRF, HVU3585BTRF, HVU3585TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU358TRF, HVU359, HVU359, HVU359TRF, HVU359TRF, HVU359TRF, HVU359TRF, HVU359TRFE, HVU362TRF, HVU362TRF, HVU363A, HVU363ATRU, HVU363ATRU, HVU363ATRU, HVU365TRF, HVU89TRF, HW-0011, HW-0012, HW-1-S, HW-10-10-S-D-500-SM, HW-101A-4T, HW-105A-DE, HW-108AFTE, HW-130-J, HW-136-VQ44, HW-20P-G, HW-25-12-S-D-710-SM, HW-2P-G, HW-2P-G, HW-2P-G, HW-2P-G, HW-2P-G, HW-2P-G-T, HW-2P-G-T, HW-2P-S-T, HW-305B, HW-337250-602M5, HW-3P-G, HW-3P-G, HW-3P-G-T, HW-4P-G, HW-56A, HW-56B, HW-5B-2, HW-5B-2, HW-AFX-BERG-EPHY, HW-C01, HW-DR2W16X18GRE, HW-L2, HW-L3, HW-SD3400A-DSP-DB-UNI-G-J, HW-VL1, HW005A0F-S, HW005A0F1SZ, HW0311LMD394SM, HW0311LMD394SM, HW0411LD394SM, HW050FG, HW050FG, HW09-03F-Y1, HW09-03F-Y1, HW09-03F-Y1, HW09-03F-Y1, HW09-03F-Y1, HW09-10FAY-0R1, HW09-2M-DGR, HW09-8FAY-0R1, HW09-8FAY-0R1, HW09-RET-04F-NA, HW09RET-2M, HW09RET-4M, HW101A, HW1020FD780SMA, HW105A, HW105C, HW108A, HW108A, HW108AEFFU, HW108C, HW109A, HW118A, HW130611, HW1B-M110R, HW1B-V404R, HW1B-V422R, HW1BM110R, HW1X-BX401R, HW209A, HW229064109, HW2515GD, HW2PG, HW30B, HW30B, HW39B, HW39B, HW3PSM, HW403B, HW443A, HW47B, HW47B, HW56A, HW56B, HW62A, HW62A(IN4759), HW762508259, HW91B, HW91B, HW9361, HW9Z-K1, HWA-0, HWAB219, HWB015S-15, HWB030D-15, HWB030S-12, HWCB203A, HWCB606, HWCB621, HWCK212, HWCK606, HWD1117R25, HWD1117RADJ, HWD2138MTE, HWD2190MM, HWD4836MTE, HWD4863MTE, HWD809R, HWD809S, HWEA059A, HWEB061, HWEB061, HWEB061, HWEB061, HWEB061, HWFB078, HWGA0364, HWHP-2P-G, HWIE003, HWIE402, HWIE412, HWM-02B, HWM-02B, HWN205S-KN-M4, HWN2061-D-M5, HWN272AM5x20, HWN272AM5x8, HWN272ANM6x25, HWP-08-P, HWP-08-P, HWP-20P-G, HWP-2P-G, HWP-2P-G-T, HWP-2P-G-T, HWP-2P-S, HWP-3P-G, HWP-3P-G-T, HWP-3P-S, HWPCE10004X256K, HWPCE802128KX8SRAM, HWPP20MMPPGYQ1, HWPP25MMPPBKK1, HWS-100-24, HWS-80-3, HWS075Z6-A, HWS0886-01-600, HWS100-24/A, HWS100-24/AEHFP, HWS100-5/A, HWS10024, HWS10024A, HWS15-24/A, HWS15-5/A, HWS150-24/A, HWS150-5/A, HWS150024ME, HWS15024A, HWS30-24/A, HWS30-24/HDAHPF, HWS30-5/A, HWS300-24, HWS300-24, HWS300-24, HWS300-5, HWS30024, HWS3024A, HWS314, HWS314, HWS383, HWS408, HWS408, HWS408, HWS408, HWS432, HWS450, HWS453, HWS465, HWS466, HWS467, HWS50-12/AHFP, HWS50-24/A, HWS50-5/A, HWS504, HWS803, HWSA102, HWSD231, HWW-2PW-G-NP, HWW-3PW-S, HWW-5PW-S, HWXP201-2, HWXP201-8, HWXP2018, HWXP2151, HWXP318R1, HWXP318R1, HWXQ316-1L060211-4, HWXQ3161, HWXQ3161, HWXQ317R1, HWXQ4111, HWXR571G, HWXR571GC42, HWXR693W1, HWXR893, HWZ020261PC1, HX-AA-30-30-10-G3, HX0-2100, HX0-2100, HX0-2100, HX0068ANL, HX0150-100, HX060-250, HX1000, HX1005, HX1148, HX1148, HX1148, HX1148, HX1148, HX1148, HX1148NL, HX1148NLT, HX1148T, HX1178NL

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