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Excess Inventory

The magnitude of the world’s market is beyond our imagination. There is great demand for ‘difficult-to-find’ parts such as obsolete components, electronics, and components that have long lead times. Even if your inventory is considered “old stock”, there is always a demand. Let us help you. Trading electronic parts across the world is our specialty. Acting as your “Parts Rescue” Cyber Agent, we can help you sell your excess inventory. Just send us your list of inventory by email, and using the Internet as a medium, we will communicate the information to potential customers from around the world.

Your excess inventory is profitable!

The information of your inventory will be accessible within the market, however your company’s name will be kept anonymous.
Upon receiving a RFQ (Request for Quotation), we will ask you for your target price (the price at which you wish to sell your product for). It is that simple.


We will do our utmost to ensure your parts are sold. If you have an enquiry please do not hesitate to ask us.
Contact : Email <contact@figurenet.com> or Tel <+81-45-440-5545> or Fax <+81-45-461-1577>

Send your Excess Inventory List by EMAIL

If you have your own spreadsheet format, please send it as-is. If you do not currently have a spreadsheet format, please use our format.

  • Excel format:
    "Parts number", "Q'ty","Manufacture","Date Code","Price"
    ( Remark : "Manufacture", "Date Code", and "Price" are not mandatory on the list.)
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