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How to use

Figurenet is known as the “Parts Rescue” in cyberspace. We specialize in providing customers access to ‘difficult-to-find’ electronic parts and components. We will do our best to find electronic parts and components quickly. We also provide RFQ (Request for Quotation) free of charge.

We can also help you sell your excess inventory. For FREE OF CHARGE, we can put your inventory information on the global market. It is a non-hassle way of maximizing your assets.

If you have any questions, our sales staff will be happy to help you. Our telephone number is +81-45-440-5545.


At the top of our homepage you will find a "SEARCH" button that searches a database of electronic parts and components compiled from sources all over the world. Simply enter the part number (or the first few characters thereof) and click ‘Search’ to list all corresponding matches.


If you cannot find any search results, try sending us your RFQ. As your “Parts Rescue” Agent, we can help you locate your desired parts.

RFQ process on Web

You can send us your inquiry through the Web System, according to the following procedure.

  1. Please check the BOX, on the left side of line.
  2. Please input the quantity. (How many do you want?)
  3. Please press the "SEND RFQ" buttom at the bottom of the sheet.
  4. Please write down your additional requirement, if you have.

Your search results may display several entries for a particular part. This is because the part is potentially available from multiple suppliers. In this case, please check only one of the boxes listed. Figurenet will contact all listed suppliers on your behalf to build your quotation.

1.Make 'Check' mark on the box 2.Write down your Quantity 3.Send RFQ

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As mentioned you may submit an RFQ via the website, or alternatively by email (contact@figurenet.com) or fax (81-45-461-1577). We will make every effort to reply as soon as possible, normally within a few days.

If you wish to submit an RFQ by email or fax please ensure the following information is added:
   Your Information Company name / Your name / Telephone number (+Contory Code) / Email address
   Inquiry Part number / Quantity / Any additional request

Remember not to be discouraged even if your search does not yield the parts you are looking for. We are experts in locating parts, and will use all our avenues to help you locate them. We are your “Parts Rescue” Agent.

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Flow Chart

To better understand our “Parts Rescue” service, please check our Flow Chart. Please direct any questions to (contact@figurenet.com) or telephone (+81-45-440-5545).

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