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2022 Summer Holiday Announcement


Dear precious customers,

The world is moving forward or backward, I don't know.
It seems we have never learned anything from the last 2 world wars.

I 'm very sure it is old style, fighting for the border of countries.
Why Russia do invade Ukraine? Why Russian troop kill the people and brake the peace?

I can't find the answer, at the same time I am shame on myself, because I have no idea to stop the tragedy.

I only can pray for peace and I just cry for the people of Ukraine.

Stop the war. Return their happiness and peace.

We would like to inform you our Summer HOLIDAY.

Aug/6[SAT] - Aug/14[SUN].
We will start on Aug 15[MON].

We hope all of you have wonderful summer holidays.

Best regards

Fumihiko Shimazaki
Managing Director

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