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Season's Greeting (Happy Holiday) 2016-2017


Dear our precious customers and suppliers,

We hope all of you have a happy new year!
I believe the year 2017 will be a miracle year for you.

Everything will be all right, if you say "thank you" to ALL what
will be happened. Because everything is a gift from GOD.

It doesn't matter it is GOOD or BAD. It is a GIFT to make your
life much better in future.

Smile for all!

At the end of year, I want to say thank you for all your support,
and please give us continuous support for year 2017 too.(^^)

I hope all your people in your company and your family have
a wonderful new year.

We are pleased to inform you our holidays schedule.

Dec 29 (THU), 2016 - Jan 4 (WED), 2017

We will start our business from Jan 5 (THU),2017.
Best wishes!!
Fumihiko Shimazaki
Managing Director

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